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Event Management

Event Management vs. Event Planning

While very closely related, event management and event planning are two very different functions. The key difference lies in these two words: management and planning. In very simple terms, event managers manage the event and event planners plan the event. That being said we also plan aspects of events that planning alone may not cover.


Specific responsibilities of an event manager may include:

  • Selecting and reserving venues

  • Coordinating outside vendors

  • Engaging speakers or entertainment

  • Arranging for transportation and parking

  • Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance

  • Responsibility for compliance with health and safety standards

  • Developing emergency contingency plans

  • Crisis and situation management at event

  • Designing a security plan

  • Monitoring of the Event (More importantly...please let us know if you need on site management

This list is by no means is complete. Call us today for more information and further assistance.

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